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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #916

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<< Subject: mosquito control
 I've been using a 20 gal tank outside in which I've been holding
 cuttings from the indoor tanks before bringing them to the club
 auction.  The problem is apparently I'm inadvertently breeding
 mosquitoes.  Can anyone recommend a mosquito larvae eating critter I can
 throw in there that can handle the cool nights (50's)? 
Ed, maybe check with the Vector Control part of your local government re the
availability of "mosquito fishes" (either Gambusia or Heterandria); these
live-bearing toothed carps will handle the cold and temp. shifts if
pre-conditioned to your area... There are other fishes and even Volck oil
that could be recommended, but these wild-type guppy look-a-likes are my
first pick.