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Water Hyacinth, Parrots Feather

Water Hyacinth grows and flowers fine in Iowa, but is difficult to keep
through the winter. It will only flower here when it has at least four hours
of _direct_ sunlight. I am going to try carrying it through this coming
winter in a half filled 70 gallon tank in front of the windows on a South
facing heated porch. I will let you all know how it works.

It is apparently illegal to transport Water Hyacinth across state lines. It
is illegal to transport Parrots Feather on the Public Roads in Iowa!! That is
apparently part of an effort to keep the stuff from spreading from lake to
lake, carried on boats and outboard motors. It is winter hardy here, and can
really take over a body of water!!  Still, I think Legislators DO come up
with the darnedest laws. :-)