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Re: Surface Scum

	Frank (and others),
	I can not say for sure what is causing the scum, but I have
battled this problem in the past. It is easy to take care of though.
	Purchase a piece of PVC pipe an inch or two longer than the length
of the intake pipe on your filter. Place a cap on one end of the pipe.
Attach two suction cups to the pipe so it will stick to the back of the
	Now attach the pipe to the tank and feed the filter's intake pipe
into the PVC pipe. Place the top (open end) of the pipe about one half
inch (1.25cm) below the water's surface. Now the intake will draw water
from the surface like a skimmer. The scum will be collected in the filter.
		Filter intake
		________[ ]_________ Water Level
      			[ ]
		      { [ ] }
		      { [ ] }
		      { [ ] } PVC Pipe
		      { [ ] }
		      { [ ] }
		      { [ ] }
		      {     }
		      _______ End Cap

	If the tank has a black background and you use black PVC it is
nearly invisible. A similar PVC tube can also be set up to hide heaters
and other equipment. These covers work well for catfish that burn
themselves on the heater and large aggressive fishes that like to break
heaters and/ or filter intakes. I hope this helps,

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