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Re: Surface scum

>New problem: The soft acid tank is now completely covered by a scummy film
>thick enough that oxygen bubbles from the plants are getting trapped under
>it.  Current is evident just below the surface, but the surface itself is
>held motionless by this film.
>If I agitate the water with my hand little white clumps will form.
>With previous aquariums, if anything like this developed, I added an
>airstone and soon enough all was well.  I don't want to do that with this
>tank for fear of driving off the CO2.
>I checked the archive for this list and found that various people have
>asked about this same problem, but I didn't find any answers.
>Two questions then:
>1) What *is* this film?
>2) What conditions give rise to it?
>3) What can I do about it?

Frank the only thing I can tell you is to make you buy an EHEIM Surface Suction Extractor (ref is : 3535). It's cheap and it will clear your water surface ! :-)

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