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Container Grown Plants


I would like to get some information from the list, or be pointed in the
right direction. I  searched the mailing list Archive and didn't come up
with a solution.  

I'm in the beginning stages of a small discus fish breeding hatchery,
currently I have six 29 gallon tanks drilled for a central overflow tube.
Water maintenance program will involve pre-conditioned water- no filters
and a continuous exchange at the rate of one gallon per hour - per tank
none of the overflow water will be recycled, all of it will go into the
central holding tank, where the pH will be raised to be used in my
commercial miniature rose nursery operation.  This would equate to an 80%
water exchange per day, Nitrate and Ammonium levels would not be of
consequence and trying to maintain a" tank" balance is not a consideration.
One breeding pair per 29 gallon tank would be the population rate of adult

Because daily cleaning is necessary, bare bottom tank is generally used for
breeding discus, however, I don't like the look of it, and the idea of
using plastic plants is abhorrent, at this time :-). Container grown plants
would not only be attractive but the containers themselves would be
excellent breeding sites.  Cleaning around containers would be relatively
easy, and removing any disease/dying plants would, also, be very easy  I
can't help but think it would also be a" comfort factor" for the discus.

I have a small welcome area by the front door of my office  in which I
rotate potted plants into it ever blooming" display garden" the plants are
buried in barkdust and replaced as necessary depending on bloom and season.
 Has this concept been adopted by any aquatic plant fans?  It would seem
this would be in easy way to move plants around an aquarium depending upon
their stage of beauty, whether or not they need to be cut back, or waiting
for full growth of juvenile plants. I understand this procedure is commonly
used in outdoor ponds.  In glass aquarium's, perhaps the use of bonsai
containers would be appropriate. I would appreciate any thoughts you have
on this.

I would like to start off with three plants, all  show a preference for 86F
water:  Java Moss-Vesicularia dubyana  (low), The Cellophane
Plant-Echinodrus ordifolius (round leaf) and Common Vallisneria-Vallisneria
spiralis (Tall and slim leaf) .  These will be for a 29 gallon tank.  Since
I know only what I read, I may be way off
on these plants, please advise. 

Thank you for your consideration.
                                             Howard Broman
                                       Broman at rosejewelry_com
                                             Real Rose Jewelry
   Any mistake in the text is not my fault, I use a voice-dictation
interface ;-)