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Surface scum

Chapter n+1 in the saga of Frank's new tanks...

Brief recap: Two 120 gallon tanks, MH lighting, CO2, one GH5, pH 6.6, the
other GH10, pH 7.4

New problem: The soft acid tank is now completely covered by a scummy film
thick enough that oxygen bubbles from the plants are getting trapped under
it.  Current is evident just below the surface, but the surface itself is
held motionless by this film.

If I agitate the water with my hand little white clumps will form.

With previous aquariums, if anything like this developed, I added an
airstone and soon enough all was well.  I don't want to do that with this
tank for fear of driving off the CO2.

I checked the archive for this list and found that various people have
asked about this same problem, but I didn't find any answers.

Two questions then:

1) What *is* this film?
2) What conditions give rise to it?
3) What can I do about it?

(Okay, that's three.)

The very act of seeking sets something in motion to meet us;
something in the universe, or in the unconscious responds as if
to an invitation.  - Jean Shinoda Bolen