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Setting up tank...Need advice

I want to run this setup by everyone for some ideas. I am planning to
setup a 90gal plant tank. I am going to add 1/2 to 1 inch laterite topped
by 1 inch of sand. Any other suggestions on this? Is cat litter any use?  I
keep reading that plants will grow better with undertank heat, but I cant
afford heating
cables. My idea was to either hook up a reptile undertank heater pad to a
thermostatic control or to put a heater in a small sump and use a 
pump to pump the water through thin copper tubing buried in the gravel.
Which would work better? Would the copper tubing cause any problems? For
light, I am going to build a hood with 2 48"110W VHO daylight bulbs connected
to an Icecap ballast. This should giveme 2.4W per gallon. Is this enough for
such a deep tank? The tank will be filtered by a wet-dryfilter. I read that
canister filters are better, but the tank was alreadydrilled and fitted with
an overflow box. I am planning to add a school of
Bosemani rainbows, 4-6 Otocinclus flexilis, 6 Corydoras paleatus, and some
trumpet snails(i think) from my River tank. Will this setup work?  Any
comments or advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

 -Michael Potts