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Binary Fusion

I have been planting Riccia for the past year and growth is excellent.
Normally will tie them up to some medium sized bogwood with thread.

After two weeks, they will cover up most of the bogwood and keep on
multiplying like binary fusion, each tip producing 2 leaflets and in
turn those leaflets producing more and more...

However, after say, 2 months, the bottom most leaves started to age and
as they slowly rot, the anchor between them and the thread will no
longer exist. As a result, those huge bunch of Riccia will start to
float. I have tried sprinkling some gravel onto them, but I won't last

Then replanting will start all over again; which means another 2 weeks
before everything looks good again.

Is this cycle of planting, rotting and replanting normal? If not, any

Hope you experts can give some helpin' hand.