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Re: DIY CO2 in a 140 Gal

Jeremy wrote:

>I am going to set up a DIY CO2 system for my 140 gallon tank.
>Does anyone have experience with how many bottles I should use?
>I am planning on 3-2 litters. This will be my first attempt at using
>CO2 so if I decide I like it I might invest in the full system.


I am using two 2-liter Gatorade bottles (actually they are about 1.8
liters) for a 20-gallon tank and just bubbling the CO2 through an
airstone.  I'm afraid that if I use a reactor with my two-bottle system
in such a small tank I might end up dissolving too much CO2,
especially when the yeast are fresh.   If you really are seriously
considering setting up such a large planted tank, then why bother
with the DIY CO2?  I know that a compressed CO2 system runs into
money, but I think you'll need at least three or four 2-bottle units if
you go with yeast-sugar.  If you do it, I would hook them up as
independent 2-bottle units to minimize downtime when changing the
yeast-sugar solution, and change the solution in each bottle within
each unit every two weeks on a staggered schedule.  This seems to
me like it will be an awful lot of trouble.

Adeana asked about slime building up on her DIY CO2 line.  Yes, I
think we all observe this from time to time.  I just wipe it off when it
appears and make sure that the line is not clogged.  It helps to have
a bubble counter made from a small water bottle between your yeast
generator and the outlet of your system.

Hope this helps,

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