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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #904

<< Pete Mohan wrote:
 >I've done something similar over a 300 gallon tank.  I purchased industrial
 >drawer slides from Graingers for a free-standing tank that acts like a room
 >divider.  The guides could hold my weight if needed and allow me to slide a
 >large center section of the hood containing all lighting equipment
 >off the tank.  The ends of the hood remain attached to the tank stand to
 >support the "drawer" while it is open.  Maintenance is a breeze.
Then, In a message dated 97-08-19 04:07:10 EDT, Olga wrote:

 Sounds interesting. How about more details on how this is put together.
     Basically, the lid is in three pieces.  Each "end" piece is permanently
mounted to the stand, which also completely encloses the tank,  so only the
front and back glass are exposed.  These ends are about 18" high.  The center
lid section is the drawer.  It is a completely enclosed box that all lights
fit within.  I don't need to power ventilate mine but don't use much light on
this application.  The bottom of the box can be open or could be clear
acrylic or glass.  The top is opaque with louvers for passive ventilation.
 This keeps stray light out of the room.   The drawer slides are mounted so
that the entire center section can be pushed completely off the tank (above
one of the viewing sides) so the whole center section of the tank is open for
maintenance.   This is really only practical if the tank is in the middle of
a room or otherwise accessable from opposite sides.  Otherwise the drawer
will just get in your way while it's out.

Pete Mohan