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co2 reactor

>Does anyone have ideas for a relatively small passive CO2 diffuser?  I'm
>trying to find a design I can use in 10gallon tanks that doesn't need to
>be burped (like the bell reactors), and doesn't take up too much space. 
>Any ideas would be appreciated.

A 6-7inch piece of 1" UGF downtube, 4 -1" pieces of 1" downtube, 1 9" piece
of rigid airline tubing (UGF) 2 Heater suction cups.

Cut the 4, 1 inch pieces into halves (8) and stack them together tightly and
hold with a clamp. Drill 1/4 inch hole through center. (Test drill a scrap
piece and fit rigid airline tube, it should be very tight but movable with
sliding and pressure.) Slip over a 2 inch bolt and lock together with a nut.
Trim roughly with snips to a circle larger than the inside of the downtube.
Chuck the stack into a drill (press) and spin moderately while dressing the
edges smooth with a file to just the size to fit into the downtube loosely.,
not sloppy. Drill holes through the down tube every inch. Slide the 8
umbrella pieces over the airline tube and rotate every piece 90 degrees.
Drill a tiny hole through the top of the downtube. Insert the umbrellas,
place a toothpick through the small hole to hold the mechanism. Slip on the
heater suction cups and press to glass. Connect yeast bottle. The mechanism
will allow excess bubbles to pass out. Mine works wonderfully. A little
tweaking with rotation and spacing will yeild optimum results. 
Mine works the same with a fresh active bottle or a dying bottle, due to the
overflow desigh, I think.
Hope you enjoy,