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Tetra CO2 Diffuser....HELP!

Hi all,

   Been reading the list for about a month now. Thank you for all the
great posts.
   Anyway here's my problem. A friend of mine recently purchased a Tetra
CO2 Diffuser Kit.  I am somewhat aware of the reputation that these
systems have, but he is bound and determined to make it work. I am
posting this in hopes that someone on the list can help us make it
    I do have some experience DIY yeast reactors but have never worked
with anything like this.
    Anyway here are our questions....
1. Has anyone on the list used one of these systems?
2. If so did you find it effective?
3. What problems did you find inherent in it?

In short any advice, observations or encouragement is MOST welcome.
                Thank you for your time,
amy at nas_com