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Re: Congo Tetras and plants

> 	Hello all,
> 	Over the last few months I have noticed small bite marks around
> the edges of new Anubias spp. leaves. At first I thought my SAEs were the
> responsible party. I removed the SAEs, but two months later, all my
> Anubias are still having their new leaves eaten before they can develop.
> The Congo tetras seem to be the only remaining suspects. Other tank mates
> include: 1 Sturisoma sp., 6 Rineloricaria fallax, 1 Ancistrus sp., and 1
> Farlowella cf. acus. I have never seem any of the loricariids damage
> plants and most of these fishes were in the tank prior to the mystery of
> the damaged leaves. The SAEs and Congos were added at about the same time
> and the damaged leaves appeared shortly there after. Has anyone else had a
> similar experience with Congos?
> 			-Shane

I too have a "bite" missing from the very tip of a new anubias leaf, I
don't know what caused it, but I do have Congo Tetras in the tank.  
The tank also holds kribensis, otocinclus and a flying fox.