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Congo Tetras and Plants

	Hello all,
	Over the last few months I have noticed small bite marks around
the edges of new Anubias spp. leaves. At first I thought my SAEs were the
responsible party. I removed the SAEs, but two months later, all my
Anubias are still having their new leaves eaten before they can develop.
The Congo tetras seem to be the only remaining suspects. Other tank mates
include: 1 Sturisoma sp., 6 Rineloricaria fallax, 1 Ancistrus sp., and 1
Farlowella cf. acus. I have never seem any of the loricariids damage
plants and most of these fishes were in the tank prior to the mystery of
the damaged leaves. The SAEs and Congos were added at about the same time
and the damaged leaves appeared shortly there after. Has anyone else had a
similar experience with Congos?

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