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Re: Power compact lamps

> I am currently setting up a 120g planted tank and am considering using
> power compacts (due to smaller size and higher light output).  However,
> I have not seen a lot of info regarding these tubes.  Previously, I have
> used standard shoplights with Philips Ultralume50 40W tubes with great
> success.  Is there an equivalent power compact replacement?

I'm using the SeaLights power compacts quite successfully on a reef tank.
Under the day bulb 27W 6700K, an acropora has put on 1/2" growth in a
month.  I cannot fathom any plant species having more light requirement
than the reef critters, so I can say that the output is great.

Now, let's talk cost.  I've got $110 for a 20g tank.  I would say that the
light requirements scale linearly, thought the cost dosn't due to
different bulb types.  However, if you're going for ultimate bulb output,
you're going to need to replace things things yearly.

I'd strongly recommend just getting 2-3 175W MH fixtures with the 5500K
bulbs.  The DIY kits with the 5500K bulbs can be had for $125 (shipping
included).  The bulbs don't need replaced nearly as often , and the 
replacement cost will still be far less than the compact flourescents.