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Lighting Query

I'm thinking of upgrading my lighting and the options here in Australia 
are nowhere near as wide as those in the States.

Does anyone have any experience with the Dupla Milux compact 
fluorescents? How many would I need for a tank 3 ft long, 15 inches wide 
and 18 inches deep? I suspect from what I've read that the depth is about 
the limit for these lights. I've been told that 2 would be sufficient and 
would give me more light than my present lighting of 2 x 3ft 

Plants are currently swords, bacopa, hygrophila, and some crypts. If I 
can get enough light, I'd like to include some Lilaeopsis for a nice 
"lawn" effect but I currently don't have enough light for it.

Any comments from the Dupla fans would be appreciated.

David Aiken