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Re: Low light plants in high light?

>From: Jeremy <adamsjer at ucs_orst.edu>. Aug. 16

>I am getting ready to move and redo my 140 gallon tank. I am going to be
>adding more light and I was wondering how anubias, ludwigas and
>cryptocorns do in bright light. It says that they prefer low to moderate
>lighting. Will they be adversly affected by the higher amount of light?


They may be adversely affected indirectly.  With higher light all the
plants will grow faster, and, therefore, take up mineral nutrients faster
and CO2 faster.  Different species have different uptake capabilities, and
in high light, mineral nutrient and CO2 levels may get pulled down a lot
lower than they do in low light.  Some species may win out over others in
the competition.  In high light, CO2 enrichment and small, regular doses of
mineral nutreints, as well as more frequent water changes become more
important to consider seriously.

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