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Re: tank cover

> I am looking for a way to cover my 55gallon tank so that I can add
> lights to the entire lenth.  I have thought about using a clear plastic
> cover or a glass cover (sheets of plastic or glass cut to fit the top of
> the tank).

> Jason Light

As an alternative...

I use lighting egg crate material on a couple of my tanks.  It's
inexpensive, very light, keeps fish from jumping out and other things
from falling in.  It doesn't need cleaning but also it doesn't come in
aquarium sizes, and it doesn't do much to cut down on evaporation.  It 
would also solve problem with what to do with those pesky aponogeton 
flowers, as the spikes will just grow right through it. 

You can get it at lighting stores in panels that are about 2' X 4' for
$6.50 if I remember right.  Cut it down to size (and add ports for
heaters, filters and so on) with wire cutters or any number of other
cutting tools.  It is a little fragile so some care in handling is called

My egg crate covers have been in place for nearly two years and its about 
time to replace them because of the accumulated damage from handling.  
Otherwise I've been happy with them.  They were certainly better than 
paying $100+ to replace the glass covers on both tanks. 

Roger Miller
From Albuquerque, where the aroma of roasting chile is tickling my nose.