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Re: Aponogeton crispus

Oddly enough, my Aponogeton sp. sent up a flower stalk, pollinated
itself, and dropped fertile plant seeds into the substrate without any
intervention on my part.  The seeds started growing leaves and roots, but
I didn't bother to move them, because at the time growing more Aponogeton
was not a high priority for me.

There was just one flower stalk from just one plant, but it somehow
managed to get pollinated.  My explanation for it is that I allowed the
flower part of it to submerge after blooming (it pushed itself under
because of my hood), and the current from my powerheads could have caused
the flower to self-pollinate.

Whatever the case, numerous little green seeds appeared on the flower and
shortly dropped to the gravel, there to take root and sprout little green
leaves.  I'm pretty sure most of them are dead now, however, because I
essentially ignored the little Apons.


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