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Re: Low light plants in high light

> I am getting ready to move and redo my 140 gallon tank. I am going to be
> adding more light and I was wondering how anubias, ludwigas and
> cryptocorns do in bright light. It says that they prefer low to moderate
> lighting. Will they be adversly affected by the higher amount of light?
> Jeremy

Just how bright are you going to make it?

I have a. barteri nana, C. wendtii and C. balansae growing in bright
settings (3 watts/gallon of flourescent lighting + seasonally over 6
hours/day of direct sunlight).  The crypts do very well - the C. wendtii
in particular.  The anubias don't seem to compete well with other plants
in the presence of bright light.

I suspect that the success of "low light" plants under brightly lit
conditions depends mostly on their competition for CO2 and other
nutrients, not on an affinity or aversion to bright light.

Roger Miller
In brightly lit Albuquerque