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Re: Aponogeton crispus

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 97 13:52:07 PST8
From: spushak at CCGATE_HAC.COM
Subject: Re: Aponogeton crispus

     Merle McCartney <mccartmg at wmvx-mail_lvs.dupont.com> asked about A 
     > Can I pollinate from one spike to another on the same plant?
     My understanding is that you need two A crispus to pollinate. Other 
     Aponogetons (like the lace plant) can be self-fertilized. Some can be 
     successfully fooled by mixing pollen from another Aponogeton species 
     with their own pollen.

I've successfully self-pollinated A. crispus.  I have a few sprouting seeds
growing in my tank right now from a single A. crispus flower.

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