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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #895

Robert Park wrote asking about the GE "Sunshine" bulbs at home depot.

I set up my tank about 4 weeks ago (with some good advice from Eric
Olsen).  I have a 4" substrate of small gravel into which I inserted
Tetra Initial Sticks. My lighting consists of a 4', 4 bulb flourescent
fixture from Home Depot (cost under $60) with 4 Chrome 50 bulbs
(Sunshine). No other fertilization first 3 weeks. Two weeks after
planting I had to prune the bunch plants. Everything is growing very
very fast. there is a Hygrophila salicifolia which has leaves 12"x6",
floating. My Echinodorus paniculatus have sent new leaves to the top of
the water (2 ft.)
   In my opinion, all the fancy expensive lighting people talk about are
a waste of money. I wouldn't want my plants to grow any faster, for fear
of not having room for fish. ;-)

Harold Pachtman