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Aponogeton crispus

I'm making my first serious attempt at a nicely planted tank, and have had
mixed results to date.  One success appears to be my A. crispus (may be a
hybrid - I'm not sure) which shot up some flower spikes after the first
couple of weeks.  I've never had plants flower in my tanks before, so I'm
not sure how to proceed, and I'm woefully ignorant of plant reproduction.
Can I pollinate from one spike to another on the same plant?  What's the
best way to pollinate? I have a glass cover on the tank, with the lights
sitting on the glass.  The flowers are butting up against the glass, which
is less than ideal, I'm sure.  Will the heat from the lights (a pair of 20w
fluorescent bulbs on a 38h tank) be a problem?  And for future reference,
do these plants require a resting period over the winter?  Thanks for your

Merle McCartney