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re: ich correction

> Elevating temperature can also be used in conjunction with treatment to
> accelerate the life cycle and decrease the time of treatment.
>  For fish or plants with narrow temperature tolerances, this is often
> the preferred method.

For temperate water fish at least, such as goldfish, this method doesn't
save any time in treatment. That's because the fish's sensitivity to temp
drops requires that normal temps be restored very slowly--on the order of
2F to 3F increments a day. Quick, large drops can cause hemorrhaging among
other serious problems.

The slow drop, added to the stress of raising the temp in the first place,
makes up for any time saved by accelerating the lifecycle of the ich. Also,
such a slow drop is hard to manage--at least for me. Common thermometers
just aren't that precise; neither are tank heaters ...

Greg. Tong
gtong at sirius_com

"Often, the things that change are less interesting than those that stay
the same."--Aaron Fleisher