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Re: Any ideas on catching Kribs in a planted tank?

     My wife perfected this technique for catching a large SAE which eluded 
     us for weeks. You need two people. You place a large net in a 
     strategic location in such a way as it looks like a good hiding place. 
     You need to get it right on the bottom and tucked in under some plants 
     so its not real visible; nice and dark. One person holds this net 
     ready to draw it up quickly hopefully without rending 5 or 6 plants 
     out in the process. The other person takes another net and begins to 
     herd the target fish around the tank. It will probably hide numerous 
     times and the more plants and the bushier they are the harder it is to 
     find it sometimes. You can use your hands to move the plants apart and 
     pretty soon the only safe place to hide is in the trap net. You may 
     not even realize the fish is in there for a while! Bingo!
     The other thing we found useful is a large jar of persistence. ;-)
     Steve P