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Any ideas on catching Kribs in a planted tank?

cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com (Carlos Munoz) wrote: <<<<Subject: Any ideas
on catching Kribs in a planted tank?>>>>

I just caught about 75 baby Curviceps in a planted tank using a trap
made of a 1 liter clear water bottle, cut approximately at the upper
quarter (where it turns from conical to cylindrical). Turn the upper
conical section towards the inside of the close-ended cylindrical
section, attach them together running two toothpicks through them (or
with some sort of clip), and you have your trap resembling on a smaller
scale those sold for catching killies to be used as bait for fishing.
Put a small amount of food in it, and place it in the tank in a quiet,
but visible, place, preferably close to where the fishes usually feed.
Do not feed your fish when the trap is in the aquarium. Also,  do not
keep it unattended, because I once caught about 18 fry at once, and two
died for lack of oxygen.