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Any ideas on catching Kribs in a planted tank?

In the process of rambling on in a reply to a filtering issue, I mentioned that
my pair of kribensis had spawned and my tank had more inches of fish than 
recommended for the surface area of my tank.  I'd caught 14 of the 30-odd young 
kribs a couple of weeks ago and sold them back to the store ($20 credit for 
the 14...they really liked them) and brought the inches below the max 

There's still way too many to keep the nitrates in a reasonable range (you're
right, Karen, the bacteria are breaking the leftover food and fish waste down), 
but the only way that I caught that many was by tearing up 1/4 of the tank.  
I was replanting anyways.  Now I'm going on a two-week vacation and I really 
need to catch the rest of the spawn so that my nitrates don't build up too much 
while I'm gone...and my fish feeder doesn't hold 2-weeks worth for this many.

Has anyone figured out how to catch kribs consistently in a heavily-planted
tank?  They've lightning fast and are too suspicious for the food-in-the-net 
trick (but now I can catch SAEs and Rummy-nosed tetras at will).  They've 
learned to hide behind my delicate plants and the two-net trick does NOT work
when you don't have room to maneuver either net.  They also don't run to hide
in their spawning pots...too smart to be cornered that easily.  

I've thought of setting up a baited trap-cage, but I'd catch the SAEs and they'd
eat all the food or wreck the cage (they thrash hard when trapped).  It's funny
that I'm not trying to catch zebra danios...they jump into any net they see --
I'm starting to take it personally.  

Any ideas?

Carlos Munoz
(cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com)