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Re: Mouth Fungus and White Spot disease


Furanace used with a new development called "Therapy" is extremely
effective on Mouth Fungus (Columnaris) but you would have to get it from a
mail order house in the U.S.  By that time, your fish are probably going to
die.  The above is not too hard on your biological system.  You might want
to keep some on hand for the future -- available from That Fish Place, Pet
Wharehouse,Daleco and other mail order houses.  Also, "Therapy" with
"Quick-Cure" eliminates Guppy Disease (Tetrhymena) without completely
destroying the biological system.
> I recently added some guppy and they have started to die
> from Mouth Fungus disease.
> Could anyone please advise a cure? Are antibacterial
> medications compatible with shrimps and live aquatic plants?
> I have read from somewhere that antibacterial medications
> should not be used with live aquatic plants, but they did not
> provide any explanation. Could someone please explain why?
> If I remove all the fishes to another tank for the antibacterial
> medications, do I need to disinfect the planted tank with all the
> live plants, shrimps and filter system? If so, how to do it
> correctly?

On your White Spot problem,  see the above suggestion to Casey because some
of these medications are not readily available in Maylasia.  Actually
"Clout" would be my choice for "ick" in a planted aquarium, as it does not
harm plants or the biological system.  Methylene Blue (not in the Clout
product) does harm aquatic plants.  Used with "Therapy" (a new development
here), the cure is extremely rapid!  I don't think either are available in
your Country, but you could get it for the future from mail order houses.

Anyhow, for now, I would try the Malachite Green -- which is kinder to
aquatics.  "Ick" (or "Ich") treatments kill the Trophonts (spores) of the
parasite, so when youo don't see white spots for 3 days, you have probably
cured the fish.  You may be able to get "Aquari-Sol" in Maylasia, and that
will help without too much damage to your aquatic plants and biological

Good Luck!


> I am having a case of ich or white spot (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) in
> 29 gallon medium planted low maintenance tank with some 60 - 80 black
> babies. Normally to combat this disease, I would normally add a blue
> medication (methylene blue?) which can be purchased cheaply and easily at
> my local retailer.
> I have read somewhere that plants might be damaged if I use the blue
> medication (sorry, there's no info on what the medication is on the
> It has some instructions on how to use it though, but it's effective).
> As the disease is still in the early stages, I would like to combat it
> without any medication as it might damage the plants. I also want to
> using a heater to raise the temperature to 32 to 33 degrees (that's
> suggestion put forward by many authors) as I had fried some diseased fish
> in a treatment sometime ago when the thermometer malfunctioned.
> References suggested malachite green, methylene blue or quinine
> hydrochloride but all made no mention of plants inhabitants in the tank.
> Naturally, I assumed that treatment is in a quarantine tank.
> As I do not want to net allthe babies to another tank to be treated
> (Imagine netting babies in a planted tank), there's still the problem of
> the tank itself infested with the parasitic cysts lying in a dormant
> and ready to attack once I introduce treated fish back again. The only
> solution I can think of and at present doing is changing water every 2
> and feeding less (I feed with 2 or 3 crushed TetraBits pellets 3 times a
> day instead of 5 earlier). Am I doing the right thing?