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Re: T-8 Ballast question

>Date: Mon, 11 Aug 97 11:21:09 EDT
>From: M T Torres <mt at columbia_edu>
>Subject: T-8 Ballast question
>a source for T-8 electronic ballasts for 2 30" watt bulbs or 2 15 watt bulbs?  

According to the Graingers lighting tech line, there is no Electronic
ballast to run two 15 watt t-8, I had to go with a regular tar ballast.  Now
anything 24" and up you can get a bunch of different electronic ballasts to
run pairs or three bulbs, parallel or series configuration.  Look at your
lokal Home Depot type store, they will have a lot of ballasts, or if you
have access to graingers, call them.  

>the only T-8 bulbs which are made now are 15 watt bulbs?  Have 30 watt T-8
fallen out of favor that much?

I don't think so, but have look latley.

Jeff Dietsch