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Re: 90 gal All-Glass frame Wows:(

On Mon, 11 Aug 1997,Jeff Dietsch wrote 

> Hello all,
>   Bit of a problem here, I just got my new 90 gal tank(All-Glass) and stand
> setup in the living room.  I went to put the power filters (2-Aquaclear
> 300's) on and they do not fully fit over the frame.  They do slide over the
> frame, but stop at the lip that holds the cover glass.  While it appears
> that this would be enough to hold them, they now stand to high for the hood
> to fit:(  It is a home made hood, pine and 6 NO flor tubes.  I really do not
> have the room to trim the hood, and want the filters to slid down the rest
> of the way.  To get them to do it, I would have to trim off about a 1 inch
> length of the lip.  Outside of voiding the warranty does anyone feel this
> would significantly reduce the strength of the frame???  

I had a similar problem on a 55 gallon tank, and decided that the solution
was not to change the tank frame but to modify the filter itself.  Not
only do you avoid the warranty question, but if there sould be a problem,
the cost of the filter is markedly less that that of the tank.  I used a
hacksaw and a great deal of patience, and the whole shebang has worked
well for almost a year now.

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