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Re: So how hard is my water?

>>The jar of ROR says that 2 teaspoons/ten gallons will yield "Medium hard"
water.  In one tank which I'll use as an example, I have used several times
that much and still my aquarium pharmaceuticals GH test reports a hardness
of 5.<<

My experience using RO Right is that it appears to increase KH but does
to nothing to increase GH.  I have had good experience using RO Right
with calcium chloride and epsom salts to increase the GH.  My recipe is as

To 25 gallons of RO water add roughly 1.5 - 2 tbsp RO Right, 0.5 tbsp epsom
and 1 tbsp calcium chloride.

This gives me a GH and KH of approximately 6.  Perhaps you could use this
as a starting point to dial in your own recipe.

For those who question the need for RO water, I use RO water for my reef
and planted tank because my well water has a GH of 0.5 and a KH of  24.
I could think of no other easy way to make this water useable for a plant
tank, but
then again I'm not a chemist.  I also had a problem with large amounts of
precipitate forming when using this to prepare synthetic salt water.

Calcium chloride is generally available as a supplement for reef tanks.  I
Kent Turbo Calcium.

I hope this helps a little.