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Earle Hamilton's tanks

Some months ago Earle Hamilton extended an open invitation to the list to
visit his planted aquariums at his home on the Northern portion of Michigan's
"lower peninsula".  I stopped by for a visit on my way back to Ohio from
Northern Ontario.  The slight detour was WELL worth it.  Earle has three
custom aquariums in the 200 - 300 gallon range in his basement.  All are
heavily planted (in a variety of substrates), and use metal halide lighting
and CO2 supplementation.  

As a public aquarium curator, I am all too aware of the conspicuous absense
of planted aquariums in our facilities.  Some institutions use a few plants
in the odd tank, but only one or two have really established any sort of
planted aquarium that could even begin to compare with what I saw at Earle's.
 A planted aquarium is definitely a priorty future project for me at Sea
World of Ohio.  (Yes, there is a Sea World in Ohio {grin}...we've been open
seasonally for almost 30 years).  

My visit with Earle and his wife Kris has given me lots of food for thought
(oh, that reminds me...his waffles are great too). Earle would still enjoy
touring his basement wonders to anyone who might care to swing by.  Feel free
to contact Earle at ehami at sunny_ncmc.cc.mi.us

Pete Mohan