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Re:Nitrate Test Kits

Andy wrote 

> I think that the SeaChem sounds like a pretty good deal, considering
> it tests both nitrate and nitrite.  Red Sea does the most tests for
> the buck. I left out LaMotte because it alone would bust my budget! 
> ;)  Does anyone know which brand is the best?

I think in the long run the LaMotte kit would be a better deal.  I 
tried the SeaChem kit but couldn't get good agreement with standards 
I was making. I recalculated and remade these standards several times 
and still did not get good agreement.  I bought the LaMotte kit and 
got goood agreement with my standards.  I also found that my aquarium 
was about 50ppm nitrate not 5 as I had been reading with the 
SeaChem kit.  No wonder I was having an algae at the time. 

I think the problem I had with the SeaChem kit was my ability to 
compare a color intensity using a cardboard chart. The LaMotte kit 
has a comparator that uses vials of colored solutions that makes 
judging the color intensity of the test vial very easy.  Note the 
refills for this kit are about $15-$16.

Jim Spencer   Sayre, PA
jrs at cyber-quest_com