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Re: thin wires in substrate unsafe

At 3:48 AM -0400 8/9/97, Steven Pushak wrote:

>     I would like to point out that the insulation on this small guage
>     wires is probably very thin and could easily be punctured by a sharp
>     or heavy stone. As an alternative I would like to suggest that people
>     interested in DIYS cables consider a heavier guage wire of a higher
>     resistance metal with correspondingly thicker insulation. I believe
>     someone had found a source for some type of teflon coated wires
>     previously mentioned on the APD.

Try looking in the Thomas Registry of Manufacturers. For those not familar,
it contains listings of manufacturers of almost every sort of industrial
product in a three foot stack of books. Most public libraries and larger
companies have a copy.


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