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Re: H. corymbosa experience

Hi enthusiasts

Steve P. wondered about other's experience with H. corymbosa. I
have several stems growing in one of my tanks. The behavior of
this plant seems to be consistent: it grows like crazy prompting
me to prune, which it tolerates for awhile. Then it goes into
this "dormant" state only to spring back again. BTW this plant grows
directly in the path of the outflow from a Fluval 303. 
A couple of months back I thought I'd killed it because the stems
were melting yet it was still maintaining a green "canopy". It
has produced this massive root system from the nodes which
anchors the plant. One stem has grown laterally about 8 inches
then back up again. Kind of looks like a sideways "S". I guess
the plant has decided that the back location wasnt to its liking!
Interestingly I have not observed stem rot in H. difformis or
H. poly grown in the same tank.

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta