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Hygrophila angustifolia

I have a question regarding growing Hygrophila angustifolia.  This plant 
has been known by other names, but it's the one with long, "willow-like" 
leaves; i.e. leaves are much longer than wide.  Emersed leaves are about 6" 
long and only about 1/2" wide.

Anyway, I planted some of this species one month ago.  When it arrived, it 
had only emersed leaves and no roots; the typical situation for stem 
plants.  It rapidly put out lots of strong roots, but to this day has not 
put out any submersed leaves, nor buds of same.  I have to believe that 
conditions in the tank are fine since Rotala macranda, Ludwigia arcuata, 
Glossostigma sp., and some Cryptocorynes are doing very well.  The tank 
itself is only a little over 1 month old.  It has 3mm substrate with Dupla 
laterite, R/O water, Dupla fertilizer, and CO2 injection.  Light is 4 
20watt tubes on the 20gal tank.

Does anyone out there have experience growing this plant submersed?  
Baensch et al. said that it requires some patience while waiting for 
submersed leaves to start - how much patience?  Any observations will be 

Roxanne Bittman
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