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Re: Aquarium Plant Books

Jeremy wanted recommendations on plant books.

My favorite books are:

Aquarium Plants Manual, by Ines Scherurmann, Barrons, 1992

This is a short, general, informative book packed with lots of information,
including layout, pictures, and fertilization requirements.  Its readily
available at your better chain book stores such as Border's, Barnes &
Noble, etc.

Aquarium Plants: Their identification, cultivation, and ecology, by Rataj
and Horeman, TFH Publications, 1977.

This offers a more in-depth, thorough, treatment. I'm not sure if it's
still available. Its layout is frustrating.  For instance, Vallisneria
references are covered in six different sections, and pictures are included
in two separate pages _apart from those references_!

Augustine Rodriguez
Elk Mound, WI, USA