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White Worms

I am new to the list.

I am very worried about these very small white worms that I have in my 
planted discus tank.

They are about 2 mm long, very small.  Sometimes I see some that are, 
maybe, 1/4 " long.  

I see them on the glass sides of the aquarium. I have no gravel, so I see 
them slithering along the bottom. 

Does anybody know what they are?
	The aquarium shop said that they were anchor worms, but I know 
that can't be, because I read up on it.  

	I am suspecting that they are Pinworms or threadworms, but my 
disease book does not go into detail so I am not sure.

What I want to know is---- what are they and are they harmful to my discus 
and is so, how do I get rid of them.

Thanks in advance!
Le Minh Tran
minhtran at basil_stthom.edu