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Optimum current in planted tank

Recently, I setup a pair of 120 gallon heavily planted tanks with a Fluval
403 filter on each one.  Continuing with the original plan, today I also
added a Seastorm 240 fluidized bed filter to the output of the Fluvals.

I was quite surprised to see the throughput of the filters drop quite
drastically, I estimate by a factor of three or four, and I spent some time
pondering whether the added biological filtration as worth the reduced
water flow, and then realized that I really do not know how much current is
good for my plants.

With just the Fluvals, the current was fairly strong in places, perhaps 8
inches per second across the front of the tank.  Vals at the opposite end
of the tank from the spray bars were tilted 30 degrees from vertical.

Now, the current is at most two inches per second.  Those same vals are
standing more or less straight up with only a slight current visible (via
small floating particles.)

What would you do, keep the fluidized bed filters for added bio filtration,
or remove them in favour of more current?

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