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> Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 15:18:26 -0700
> From: Harold Pachtman <harold at azpedeye_com>
> Subject: Plant purchase

> I would like to tell all that
> they plants arrived in excellent condition on the date promised by
> priority US mail. 

I'm glad that your plants were not shipped UPS.

> I use DIY CO2, (which BTW
> is not working too well), and my plants are growing fiercely. 


 Now I am wondering if I should add
> PMDD or not. Does anyone have any answers.

If your plants are "growing fiercely", then there is a good bet that
they are going to be needing some fertilizer soon. Whether you use PMDD
or something else is up to you. Remember, a little fertilizer goes a
long way. If you do decide to use PMDD, consider investing in a good
iron test kit. I have a LaMotte, but I read here that Hach is excellent
also. Expect to pay $$ for either.

> Subject: Re: Conductivity & TDS

Guys, this is starting to remind me of the thread on "what color is
clear water in a white bucket". It just seems like a lot of bandwidth
wasted on a subject that is of questionable benefit to the list. I vote
we move on.

Pat Bowerman