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calcium deficiency

Sorry, this had a typo.  I have 90 watts of light, not 30 watts.

Also, all the plants are showing rapid growth.  I thought that sag
leaves are just pale when they are small, but the "new" leaves are now
larger than the "old" leaves and they are still white.


 30 gallon
 30 watts fluorescent light <<<<<<<<< really 90 watts
 pH ~7
 CO2 injection
 sand over laterite/sand substrate
 GH 60 ppm
 alkalinity 80 ppm
 nitrate 4.4 (LaMotte)
 iron 0.05 (LaMotte)

 The sags(dwarf) are showing new growth that is very pale, nearly white.
 The older leaves are still green.  The new leaves are beginning to turn
 translucent at the base.  The new leaves on H. polysperma appear slightly
 crinkled.  None of the other plants, crypts, sword, ludwigia evidence any  
 problems.  Can this be attributed entirely to Ca, or am I Fe deficient
 as well?