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Plant purchase

I received a large order of plants from the Arizona Aquatic Gardens
11 days ago, and planted them immediately. I would like to tell all that
they plants arrived in excellent condition on the date promised by
priority US mail. My substrate is plain small gravel with Tetra Initial
Sticks about 1/3 of the way into the gravel. I use DIY CO2, (which BTW
is not working too well), and my plants are growing fiercely. I will
have to thin and prune them in another 2 days, and unfortunately do not
know what to do with the cuttings. I have no more room in my tank, as
the bulbs are now protruding growth above the gravel surface, and I do
not want floating leaves to block out the light. I have a 4  bulb
fixture from Home Depot with 4 GE sunlight spectrum bulbs and I run it
12 hrs/day. But, I guess that's the way it goes. We want the plants to
grow, and then wind up with too much. I dont know what I did thats so
right, being a newbie, so I give the credit to good plants to start
with. (and they were priced right!) Now I am wondering if I should add
PMDD or not. Does anyone have any answers.