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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #869

Subject: Rotala macrandra

>My two cents on R. macaranda.  I have probaly twenty individual stem
>growing in my 75g community and all show the same basic color pattern. 
>They are greenish red most of the way up the stalk until within 2-3cm of
>the surface. For the last two weeks I have not trimmed and now have
>about 12cm bending over at the surface.  This surface length is
>brilliant red/magenta. 

Color of R. macrandra in the aquarium is very dependent on exact conditions.  

> One question though.  My
>R. macaranda recently began spotaneously brancing at leaf nodes forming
>almost always two new shoots at a time.  Does this noramally happen w/o

Yes.  I have found that it is much qicker to branch when it gets tall
enough that it is actually laying on the surface.  Then if you leave it for
even a short while, it will branch prolifically.  I find this to be the
fastest way to produce more stems for other tanks and/or sale.

Subject: TAG

>     A forthcoming article in TAG on the subject of substrates by yours 
>     truly should be coming out real soon now. If Neil Frank is currently 
>     following the APD I hope he can give us an update since many of us in 
>     the AGA are pining for our next issue of TAG! ;-)

I hope Neil will jump in, but I know he's _very_ busy with his EPA work at
the moment.  I _can_ tell you that the next issue of TAG should be at the
printer by now, contains to same number of pages as 3 ordinary issues, and
includes COLOR PHOTOS!

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association