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Re: Conductivity

>Date: Mon, 04 Aug 97 07:34:06 -0700
>From: gomberg at wcf_com
>Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #874
>On 08/04/97 at 03:48 p, someone on Aquatic Plants Digest said:
>>>  I could easily give you a water sample with a very
>>>high conductivity which also has near-zero TDS.  Conversely, I could just
>>>as easily give you a water sample with near-zero conductivity, but which
>>>has very high TDS.  
>Later is true, former is bs.  It is a chem exercise to figure out

That someone would be me.  Sorry Dave, but you might want to go back and
review that exercise.  I claim that both of my statements above are true,
and easily proved.  Remember, the measurement in question here is Total
Dissolved SOLIDS.  Are you really going to claim that *only* solids can
produce measurable conductivity when dissolved in water?!  I hope not.

I won't plague the list unless there is interest, but it's quite easy to
sketch out an experiment which will demonstrate high-conductivity in the
presence of near-zero TDS.