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high PH

Hi from Canada:

Many thanks to those who posted responses to my queries about laterite.

I have been having great difficulty regulating the PH level in my tank.
I simply cannot get it to drop below 7.8-8.0.

My setup is as follows:
85 gal tank
4x 40 Watt flourescents
Fluval canister
crushed quartz gravel 3" deep
submersible heater with temperature 84 degrees F
hardness 40ppm
yeast fermentation CO2 injection

1/4 water change every week with RO water buffered with tap water to the
above hardness. RO water is PH 5 with zero hardness. Tap water is PH
8.0+ with hardness of 150ppm.

Tank contains
2 anubias (large)
2 crypts
1 amazon sword
java moss
several unknown grass like plants (I suspect they are marsh plants)
and a couple of gouramis and flying foxes.

I thought the RO unit would solve this problem but now I am baffled. How
can the PH be so high with the hardness at this level? Any suggesstions
as to how to lower the PH would be most appreciated.

Thanks Martyn