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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #874

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>I've had similar problems with hair algae.  My tank was pretty much the
>same setup.  A 55 gallon tank with 160W of lights.  I ran CO2 and was
>fertilizing a lot.  I read somewhere that hair algae grows well in high
>iron.  So I reduced the amount of fertilizer I used and it started growing
>much less algae.  Plant growth slowed down also, but my substrate was
>pretty bad.  It was just large pebbles.  So I'm going to try a better
>setup in my new tank.  A 150, with 2 gallons of substrate gold, 200# of
>fine red flint gravel.  280 W of lights so far, I'm thinking I'll need
>more though.  Any one know if I really need 450W of lights?  Since the
>tank is pretty deep, maybe I'll go with the combnation of flurcent and MH
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