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Re: RO water and algae

> Algae problems...
> I fertilize with CO2 (about 15 mg/l), have a pH of 7.0, GH 9, KH 5,
> Fe 0.5 mg/l, 

The iron is too high; we prefer 0.1 mg/l (via a LaMotte test kit).

> Phosphate 0.2, and Nitrate 0. 

It would be nice to have phosphate as close to zero as possible and
have perhaps 5 mg/l of nitrate.

> Lighting is 160w from 5 Sylvania 48" F32 T-8's. 3 are 5000k and 2 are
> 6500k.  They are on for 13 1/2 hrs a day.

Too much light for a 55; three or four bulbs at most.  You might try
having the lights on for 10 hours per day. 

> I do water changes of 1/3 or so of the tank once a week. I use tap
> water that I only add dechlor to (no fertilizer).

Switch to 1/3 every two weeks to give things a chance to stabilize
between changes. 

No fertilizer????  What are the plants supposed to use for nutrients? 

Need Info?  http://www.frii.com/~booth/AquaticConcepts.htm
            * Lighting info updated 8/2/97