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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #874

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> Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 00:16:27 -0400 (EDT)
> From: JOlson8590 at aol_com
> Subject: Reliable Air Pumps
> Most reliable, most powerful, LOTS of air, and very easy to fix, also with a
> THREE YEAR warranty - Tetra Luft pumps. You can gang several together if you
> need to, and you can get them for less than $25.00 each. They are also
> amazingly quiet, considering the air output. Plain looking, but built like a
> brick! I have FIFTEEN YEAR OLD Luft pumps that are going strong that have
> outlasted five or six of the more popular ones.
> Well, there IS a better pump, for some reason I cannot retrieve the name from
> my memory, but I think they are ?? wico ?? They are VERY quiet, have slotted
> armatures, and cost about 150 bucks for the medium small one. Over 300 for
> the bigger one. Metal case, have been available forever. I always wanted one,
> but never wanted to fork over the money! :-(  I got a "Chinese knock off"
> once in an Auction, MADE some parts for it in my machine shop, and it ran
> beautifully, until the coil failed.
> If you get much beyond that for air needs, consider a blower. Expensive to
> buy, expensive to run, but boy, do they give a lot of air!  NOISY creatures,
> you really need to install them in your basement or even in another
> building!! Use at least 2-1/2 inch PVC pipe for the air distributing lines,
> blowers have lots of air but very little pressure. (Enough to pump down as
> far as your arm can reach in a tank.)

The pump is called a wisa.

> My $4.76 worth (.02, adjusted for inflation. :-/  )
> Jean Olson
> JOlson8590 at AOL_com
> Out in the Boonies, near
> Cambridge, Iowa
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> Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 22:49:19 +0000
> From: Your Name <jjke at pacbell_net>
> Subject: High Fe
> This week I over fertilized with PMDD and have a Lamont Fe test kit
> reading of 3.5. What should I do now to remedy my excesses?
> Jeff Kropp
> Oakland CA
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> End of Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #874
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