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Re: lighting

><<  Does anyone know of any way I can increase the
> lighting in this tank without spending a whole lot  of money because I'm 14
> and I mow lawns as a business and I don't exactly have a huge budget.  Can
> anyone help me?  Thanks in advance >>
>Shop lights! get 'em anywhere and they cost about $10! They hold 80 watts of
>light each, and you should fit 2 over a 55.

One thing you should be aware of with the shop lights.  Some or maybe all
have decreased the ballast current capacity to fit the newer lower current,
higher efficiency regulations.  The result is the balasts are inadequate
for full 40W bulbs.  As long as I used the F40DX, mine worked OK, but when
I put 40W wide spectrum bulbs in, the ballast burned up.  If you buy shop
lights, you might consider replacing the ballast with an electronic
ballast.  You can get them at hardware and building supply stores for about
$30.  Standard ballast are available for about half that.

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