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Regulator Question

Okay... I've talked to the welding guys a bit, but still have a question
that someone on the APD might know the answer to.  If I set a pressure
regulator to 5psi and had a tube coming off of it that was stoppered,
would the pressure in that line only reach 5psi?  Also, would the
regulator effectively shut off the tank when the line pressure reached
5psi?  (This is basically the same question.)  Now say that I took the
stopper out of the end of the line so that the gas could flow freely out
the end.  Would the regulator open back up to let a max. pressure of 5psi
out, or would it let more out to try to maintain a pressure of 5psi in the

I know the questions seem redundant, but they are actually specifying
different things.  If anyone has knowledge, please reply...  it would help
me out a lot with my project.


pearlsco at u_washington.edu
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